VW Group Emissions Checker

Giving you the right information about your car

VW Group Emissions Checker

In light of the past information floating around the internet and in the newspapers, we thought we’d give you the right advice, direct from VW Group.

With all the information floating around the internet and all the things that were reported in the newspapers, we thought we’d give our customers some accurate information, and a checking service so you can see exactly where you stand, and what needs to be done should your car be affected.

Below you will find links to all four of the VW Group brands supplied by Griffin. You will be able to enter in your chassis number, (which can be found in the windscreen box on the passenger side of your windscreen, or on your V5c or VX302), and this service will tell you if your car is affected.

If your car is affected the pages will also tell you what you need to do, as well as giving you the ability to give the manufacturer your up to date details. Please make sure you use the correct VW Group link for your car.

Rectification work started in January 2016. However, VW Group are actively working to make sure that all rectification work that is needed is done, and advising customers how it might affect their cars.

Also, to avoid any confusion, the DVLA Swansea have confirmed that Road Fund License (RFL) will be not be affected by this issue, mainly because RFL is based around the CO2 emissions of a cars engine, not the NOx emissions. It is the NOx emission that is currently under question, not CO2. There is also a link at the bottom of this page giving up to date details from the DVLA.

We hope you find the below information of help. VW Group brands will also be writing to every customer affected to give you details of what to do if your car is affected.

We would also like to add that we have not seen the residual value of your VW Group car affected by this issue. We believe that whilst this is undoubtedly a serious issue, the fundamental quality and desirability of your VW Group car will not be affected over the medium to long term. The VW Group product is still, at its heart, an outstandingly good product, and the normal build process is still superior to many other manufacturers. It will still remain an aspirational purchase for most, and as such will still continue to command a superior residual. While this is only our view, we think we know what we are talking about given our 23 years in the industry.


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DVLA Swansea

Official announcement from the DVLA Swansea


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call, but the above links should give you all the details you will need going forward