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Join the Official MOD Defence Discount Service and start saving on loads of great stuff.

Backed by some of the biggest names in the retail sector, Defence Discount Service offers a single point of contact for all sorts of savings. You can even get cash back on some of your purchases. There’s also exclusive offers on children’s toys, days out, electrical goods, fashion, travel, and loads more besides.

And, in a link-up with Griffin, the Military’s biggest supplier of cars both tax free and tax paid, Defence Discount Service can now offer you exclusive special offers across a wide range of manufacturers.

Please note that lots more tax paid specials are available to DDS Card Holders. Please use our link on the DDS site to access these exclusive special offers, (you can just click on the DDS logo to go to the DDS website and log-in to the motoring section),



[tabs] [tab title=”DDS Offer 1″]

New Ibiza TSi FR SC

[styled_image image=”https://www.griffintaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/Seat-ibiza-FR-SC-Green.jpg” w=”400″ h=”250″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”New Ibiza FR” rel=”” align=”left”]The all new Ibiza is stunning and it is fabulous value. German build quality meets Spanish flair in this superb sporty hatch. Plus with this special DDS offer we’ll give you FREE Factory Sat-Nav, FREE 17″ Alloys & FREE Privacy Glass, plus FREE Guard-X paint protection.

From Just £9,695 Tax Free


[tab title=”DDS Offer 2″]

ix35 1.6GDi Style 2WD

[styled_image image=”https://www.griffintaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/hyundai-ix35-style.jpg” w=”400″ h=”250″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”ix35 GDi Style” rel=”” align=”left”]Fantastic styling meets brilliant ability and outstanding value in Hyundai’s compact SUV. Plus, with this special offer from Defence Discount Service & Griffin we’ll even throw in FREE Guard-X paint protection too. Amazing value that will shine on your driveway for years to come.

From Just £11,995 Tax Free

[/tab] [tab title=”DDS Offer 3″]

Fiat 500 Street

[styled_image image=”https://www.griffintaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/Fiat-500-Twin-Air-9.jpg” w=”400″ h=”250″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”New Fiat 500 Street Limited Edition” rel=”” align=”left”]The ultimate in Fiat 500 style. Air-conditioning, privacy glass, rear spoiler, sport seats, 16″ alloys, front fogs & loads more, plus, order with this special DDS offer and get FREE Guard-x paint protection.

Just £8,995 Tax Free

[/tab] [tab title=”DDS Offer 4″]

All New Toledo 1.2MPi E Hatch

[styled_image image=”https://www.griffintaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2013_Seat_Toledo_Paris2012Live_01.jpg” w=”400″ h=”250″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”All New Toldeo” rel=”” align=”left”]One of the most important cars in the SEAT line-up in years, this new Toledo is quite simply stunning. It also represents amazing value for money starting from just £8,495 and we’ll throw in FREE Guard-X paint protection with this exclusive DDS offer

From Just £8,495 Tax Free

[/tab] [tab title=”DDS Offer 5″]

All New Peugeot 208 VTi Active 3dr

[styled_image image=”https://www.griffintaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/P-208-ACCESS.jpg” w=”400″ h=”250″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”All New 208 VTi Active 3dr” rel=”” align=”left”]The stunning new 208 is taking the compact hatch market by storm. Now in this exclusive offer you can not only buy this 208 VTi Active 3dr at a ridiculously low Military price, but we’ll also throw in FREE Guard-X Paint Protection too. Cracking value!!

From Just £8,695 Tax Free

[/tab] [tab title=”DDS Offer 6″]

New KIA Sportage 1.6GDi ‘1’ 2WD

[styled_image image=”https://www.griffintaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/sportage-1.jpg” w=”400″ h=”250″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”KIA Sportage ‘1’” rel=”” align=”left”]Stylish, economical, and generously equipped, the Sportage has made a massive impact on the compact SUV market, and is it any wonder? With this cracking DDS & Griffin offer we’ll not only give you a great price, but also FREE Guard-X paint protection too.

From Just £12,295 Tax Free



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For more information, please complete the form below and a member of staff will contact you shortly. Prices quoted are tax free for export. For UK based personnel please call a member of our sales team for exact on the road prices including VAT.

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A few videos to get you excited about what you want to buy.

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