Dedicated HQ ARRC New Car Sales From Europe’s Largest Military Specialists

HQ ARRC Specialist Sales

Under the State of Forces Agreement, visiting forces of overseas Nations can take advantage of tax free savings during their postings overseas.

For those NATO personnel serving at HQ ARRC, this means you are able to take advantage of savings on cars as well as other items. This is where we come in.

With exclusive discounts from some of the leading car manufacturers in the world, Griffin Tax Free are able to bring you excellent military savings above the normal UK Retail. Combined with special HQ ARRC sales and administration staff we are able to also bring you a simple and straightforward process for purchasing your next new car by understanding all the paperwork you need to complete the purchase. Our brands include Audi, Skoda, Peugeot, Mazda, Citroen, Seat, Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Honda, Ford, Chrysler and Jeep.

And, like all HQ ARRC visiting forces staff, because you can have a new car every 12 months, we will also give you guaranteed 12 months residual value on most of our cars, which means you know exactly what you are committing to before you buy yourself a new car.

While most of the cars we provide are Right Hand Drive (RHD), UK specification, we are however also able to provide Left Hand Drive (LHD) cars from some of our manufacturers. These include Audi, Škoda, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, and SEAT

Please note that some LHD orders may take up to 22 weeks to be delivered from the point of order. Please keep this in mind when you order your new car. All cars are built to British specification, but LHD vehicles come with KPH clocks and LHD headlights. You can use any of the manufacturers’ UK website configurator pages to create the vehicle you wish to order. You can then e-mail us the specification you want for pricing.

Please note: While you are allowed a new car every year under the VFR programme, (and so is your spouse), you must pay VAT based on the selling price of the car at disposal, (regardless of how long you have owned it). You will need to complete a notice with HMRC prior to selling your car and pay the VAT amount applicable. You will then be given a C47 form from HMRC meaning you can sell your car. This must be done prior to selling your tax free car to a none entitled person. You may sell your car to an entitled person without paying the VAT, however the VAT liability carries across to the new owner when they sell the car later.

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