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Since 1664 the Royal Navy has been fortunate enough to have one of the Worlds most highly trained and highly specialised forces at it’s side, protecting it’s ships, assisting in humanitarian aid, (sometimes in conditions that would halt the progress of a normal fighting force), and more recently on the front line in Afghanistan.

‘By Sea, By Land’, there is nothing on the face of this planet more motivated than a Royal Marine with a job to do and a place to go. It clearly takes a very special type of warrior to wear the Green Beret, so it is only right that we do our best to make sure we bring the Royal Marines the very best we can in cars, bikes and motorhomes.

So if you’re a Royal Marine, and you’re looking for a new or used set of wheels, give us a call today, because, being ex-RN, we truly know just how good you really are at your job, and we’ll make sure we are equally as good at ours in finding you the best deal possible.

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One of the most iconic photo’s of our time. June 1982. 40 Commando Royal Marines. Pride, determination and sheer professionalism. Need we say more about the men who yomped across the Falklands?

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December 2008, Afghanistan. 42 Commando Royal Marines. Different terrain, different tactics, different weapons, different war…. same professionalism.

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