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Welcome to the Harwoods Audi Dealer Page from Griffin

This page will give you a complete programme guide, as well as a customer eligibility guide and customer facing programme guide. These guides can be viewed directly on this page, downloaded and saved, or printed off.

There is also an on-line sales submission form. Following dealer feedback, we have created this form to give you easier access to reporting a sale and requesting a tracking number for audit.

Finally there is, just for interest, an example of a recent CSMA video showing the benefits of being a CSMA member.

Complete programme guide. The below gives you an extensive guide to what Griffin does and how you can take advantage of our programme at dealer level

Customer Eligibility Guide. The below gives you a complete list of who can qualifies for a DDS or CSMA card should you have a customer who doe snot yet have a card to take advantage of the programme.

Customer facing guide. The below gives you a quick guide you can print off and give to the customer should they want more info.

Order Confirmation: To make things easier for the network to report a sale, (and following feedback from the network), we now have a single form for reporting should you wish to do it this way.

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    if the customer has signed a Data Transfer form, please attache it here. Thanks
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CSMA Marketing: Below is a 60 second YouTube advert that has been produced by the CSMA (Boundless) at our request to show the savings that are potentially possible as a CSMA member. This includes a new car showroom scene at the end. We have the CSMA working on a Audi themed video too.

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