Can I buy a Tax Free Car?

Yes. Anyone can purchase a tax free car if they are taking it out of the UK to another country. However, if you are a serving member of the Forces, (or a UK based Civilian serving with the forces abroad), you are allowed under SOFA relief to not pay the tax in the country you are taking the car too. Please note that this rule also applies to visiting foreign forces to the UK. SOFA relief is the State Of Forces Agreement and is the agreement that allows a serving member or UKBC to purchase a car in any member state and not pay any tax in another member state of use. If you do not fall within the SOFA relief guidelines, you will pay tax in the country you take your car to.


Do I get a discount?

Yes. We are able to give you a normal dealer discount as well as special Military or Diplomatic discountsoffered direct by the manufacturers. We currently have 22 manufacturers products to choose from so we are sure you will find a car to suit your needs. Discounts vary by manufacturer, and even by model in some cases, so please ask your sales advisor for the best deals available.

Do you take my old car in part exchange?

Yes. We will take any right hand or left hand drive car as long as it still goes and has a valid MOT, a V5C registration document and a valid UK tax disc. For cars that have a Pink logbook or BFG73, we will require the car to be re-registered in the UK and a valid tax disc will need to be supplied with the car as proof of registration. As stated above, we will also take left hand drive cars, but these will have to pass an SVA, (Single Vehicle Approval), test at a DVLA office first and then be re-registered in the UK in the normal manner. This can often prove very expensive and it may be better to simply sell your LHD car in your own member state. we will assist you at every point of the re-registration process. please ask if you get stuck or have a question.

Do other companies sell tax free cars?

Yes. There are other smaller companies that sell tax free cars, like EMC tax free, Forces cars, Forces cars direct, Ace car sales, Grant and Green, CVE and more, but none have the level of manufacturer support we do, or the number of manufacturers. We are also able to supply more Diplomatic cars than any other tax free specialists. But, if you think you may have a better deal, then give us a call any we’ll show you a better one.