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British Army

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We have over 16 years of experience in supplying new & used vehicles to soldiers of the British Army and their families. Plus, with over 20 manufacturers to choose from, you’ll also have the widest choice of any Military specialist.

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Whether you are based in the UK, overseas in Germany as part of the BFG community, in another part of the World with NATO, or even on tour in a sandy place, you and your family will qualify for the largest military discounts available from our massive selection of manufacturers.

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We are true experts in Military car sales and we have the very best military discounts available anywhere. We’ll also back it up with a dedicated admin department which will assist you with all of your registration, part exchange and finance requirements. Also, unlike some of competitors, you’ll get to collect your new car from us, rather than being sent to someone you’ve never even spoken too. A personal service costs nothing, but for us, it means everything, (just read our testimonials!)

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At Griffin we realise that if we look after you, you’ll look after us. Being ex-military ourselves we genuinely understand what you have to do on a daily basis, and although there are lazy days drinking coffee, we also know there are days you’d rather forget. So we’ll will help your car purchase go as smoothly as possible.




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From Leander to Lancaster and Devonshire to Daring, there is a long tradition in the Royal Navy of pride and professionalism. From BOST, to chasing black things in the Med, there’s always something to be done, and somewhere to go. So, thankfully, while you’re really busy doing what you do best we’re busy doing what we do best, finding you the best deals on new and used cars, bikes and motorhomes.

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From tax free for those drafted overseas and tax paid for everyone else we’ll find you the very best deal available. Browse our specials or simply give us a call with what you are looking for and we’ll do the rest.

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So put down the Uckers, pick up the phone or mouse, and contact us today for the very best in Military car, bike, and motorhome pricing. Plus, if you think you have your best deal already, give a call and we’ll show you a better one.




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Since 1664 the Royal Navy has been fortunate enough to have one of the Worlds most highly trained and highly specialised forces at it’s side, protecting it’s ships, assisting in humanitarian aid, (sometimes in conditions that would halt the progress of a normal fighting force), and more recently on the front line in Afghanistan.

‘By Sea, By Land’, there is nothing on the face of this planet more motivated than a Royal Marine with a job to do and a place to go. It clearly takes a very special type of warrior to wear the Green Beret, so it is only right that we do our best to make sure we bring the Royal Marines the very best we can in cars, bikes and motorhomes.

So if you’re a Royal Marine, and you’re looking for a new or used set of wheels, give us a call today, because, being ex-RN, we truly know just how good you really are at your job, and we’ll make sure we are equally as good at ours in finding you the best deal possible.

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One of the most iconic photo’s of our time. June 1982. 40 Commando Royal Marines. Pride, determination and sheer professionalism. Need we say more about the men who yomped across the Falklands?

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December 2008, Afghanistan. 42 Commando Royal Marines. Different terrain, different tactics, different weapons, different war…. same professionalism.




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Since 1912 men and women have been defending our sky’s. First as the Royal Flying Corps and later as the Royal Air Force.

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From that day to this is has taken great bravery, skill, and dedication to keep our sky’s clear and free from oppression. It is indeed testament to the importance of the RAF that one of the greatest and most important battles in living memory be a battle for air superiority over Britain during 1940

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From the Spitfire and Hurricane, to the Tornado and Euro Fighter, the RAF has given this country a great deal to be proud of. As a vital part of tri-service operations in the Falklands, the Gulf, and now in Afghanistan, the RAF has proven time and time again that it is, pound for pound, the most superior air defence force anywhere on the planet.

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We are proud to support our RAF personnel by supplying the best priced cars, bikes, and motorhomes,anywhere. We special, and sometimes exclusive discounts, we are able to beat any new car deal on price as well as service. We’ll also be able to find you a used car too.

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