Dealer Facing Customer Support Page

This page is designed for dealers to understand our customer pricing as well as the amount of money left in a car for you.

The indicated discount structure is a suggestion, and dealers are still free to price the cars up in whatever way they like. As long as, (as a minimum), the full Military / CSMA support is passed to the customer the rest is up to you.

We will still however only invoice your for 3% of the pre-VAT RRP.

  • Customer profiles and eligibility:
  • DDS (Defence Discount Service). The MOD’s own brand for discounted savings on all sorts or branded items, from major retailers, such as Vodafone, KFC, and many more.
  • Designed by the MOD to bring a level of savings for those who are serving in the military, as well as reservists and veterans, as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for their time of service.
  • Membership is growing at around 300 new members a week, mainly on the back of the MOD pushing the programme through JPA payslips, reservists centres and UK base representation.
  • Boundless by CSMA. The Civil Service Motoring Authority, is a membership of just over 240,000 members. They cover the whole of the Civil Service, and this fills in the gaps between DDS and BLC for us. Card members are issued with a ‘Boundless by CSMA’ Card

The below link will take you to the support terms agreed between Griffin and your dealership.

These figures are therefore dealer facing.

Dealer Facing Customer Support

Audi UK support under FOP 1-DNP8XO7 and dealer support combined.

For any questions, please contact Griffin Military & Diplomatic direct on 01273 574000

(or 07802 436115 outside of Griffin normal working hours)