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Whoever said BMW made the “Ultimate driving machine” never drove a New Scirocco R

Still it’s not all about performance, handling and the trill of the drive is it? It’s about great build quality, ridiculously good looks and amazing reliability. So at Volkswagen we do just that. We build a great car, fit for purpose, and rap it up in a great body and top it off with fantastic reliability and strong residual value.

So it is any wonder every mid-sector car wants to be like a Golf? We think not !!

whether it’s the fantastic new Polo GTi, the insanely sexy Scirocco, the new family orientated Passat, or the all new Sharan to do the school run in, you’ll find your ideal Tax Free, or Tax Paid, Volkswagen at Europe’s No.1 Military & Diplomatic specialists today.

So give us a call, or drop us an e-mail, or complete our enquiry form below, and start your Volkswagen adventure today




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